Adult Ballet

a childhood dream coming true after my 40s

The thrill

The sweat

The uphill journey



in relevé

till it burns ... flambé!

I can’t

I might

Why not?

What next?

A brain's sweat

for a zillion things

to juggle

to fix

Time for only one

then the next

Everything else disappears

while we're home

in our cosmic bodies


Belly button to spine!

Zip up!

A zillion miracles at once

in a wrist

in a toe

in a hip


or not

all is gain

As muscles make memories


traces paths

on our own shapes

and timing

Former strangers

become allies

of triumphs

a millisecond in the air

a stretch

Soaring like vessels in our songs


There is no age

at the barre

only grit

en dehors

en dedans




late is just a word

for Jean, a true accomplice  (2019)

The poem's première performance will be on Saturday June 15 2024 at 11:00 a.m. with live music and dancers from the Neighborhood Music School Adult Ballet class at ECA on Audubon Street, New Haven CT.